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Alternative Heating Systems

Whether your home or business utilizes forced air, radiant floor heat, or has a traditional hot water baseboard heating system, an Econoburn boiler will save you money on you heating costs.  What’s more, Econoburn boilers are so efficient they burn just 1/2 the wood compared to traditional outdoor wood furnaces!  Available in sizes ranging from 100,000 BTU to 500,000 BTU, an Econoburn high-efficiency wood-fired gasification boiler should take care of your heating and domestic water needs.

INDOOR and OUTDOOR Installations available!

Econoburn’s indoor wood fired gasification boiler is designed for installation in your home's basement, utility room, or even outside your home in virtually any outbuilding.  With its comfort and convenience of in home installation, your system can be installed outside the home in a location that makes it most convenient for you and your family to maintain.  Also, NO plate to plate heat exchanger is required when connected to your existing hot water heating system saving hundreds of dollars on installation costs!  Just like a high efficiency gas or oil boiler, the pressurized operation of the Econoburn system gives it approximately 2 1/2 times the life expectancy of conventional open-system wood furnaces.  Best of all, our state-of-the-art gasification technology yields an amazing 87% thermal efficiency!

One very important topic that needs to be understood is the process of 'Pyrolysis', that is how wood gasifies when exposed to heat, [wood, in its solid form does not actually burn...].  Listed are links to some fantastic articles on this topic along with other very interesting information.

Econoburn High Efficiency Boilers are made here in North America!

ASME Section IV code, to abbreviate, mandates the use of specifically traced materials to be used in boiler construction, that accurate design calculations are created and implemented (Including steel plate thickness), and that the boiler undergo vigorous inspections up to the point of final pressure testing.

All Econoburn Boilers are built to ASME Section IV Standards!