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LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat
LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat
Econo-Burn      Aqua-Therm          Royall
LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat
LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat

Royall            Econoburn            Aqua-Therm            A-Maize-Ing Heat

You may greatly reduce your heating costs by using an entire home heating system like an Aqua-Therm, Econoburn Gasification Boiler, Eco-One, Royall Indoor / Outdoor Systems or an LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace or Boiler. Several UL Listed systems are available and we offer easy financing options. Maple Woods Heating offers American Made, UL Listed, ASME certified, Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Alternative Heating Systems. Wood, Coal, Corn, Biomass Fuels and Wood Pellets - We Have Indoor Furnaces and Indoor & Outdoor Boilers.

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